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  The sun rays falls on the collector panel. A Block absorbing surface in side the collectors. Absorbs solar radiation and transfer the heat energy to water flowing through it. Heated water is collected in tank which is insulated to prevent heat loss .circulation of water from the tank through the collectors and back to the tank continues automatically due to thermo siphon principal

Advantages of Winstar Solar Water Heating Systems :
High operating efficiency inner tank with capsules type.
Better performance and longer life.
Higher standard quality.
Nonevent technology.
Heat retains up to 72 Hrs.
Electrical back up 3 phase control panel board with circulation pump (Compact design) only for project (If you need) in built turbulence preventor and baffle unit.
Easy maintenance man hole.
Prime quality SS 304 / 316 grade Salem Stainless Steel.
Inner tank with capsule ends.

Feature of Winstar Solar Water Heater Systems :
Longer life.
Higher thermal conductivity.
Auto control thermal cut off with electrical backup.
More energy generated per square meter installed.
High density fire resistan thermal insulation.
5 year warranty period for manufacturing defect [solar flat plate collector only].
Prime quality SS 304 / 316 grade Salem Stainless Steel.
Pressure and vacuum relief valves.
Drainage provision  

Solar Lantern:
  • Solar lantern can provide alternative source of light when power supply fails. It finds wide applications in houses, Shops, Commercial establishments, Government Departments Etc.,

Solar Street Light LED:
  • We are manufacture LED solar street light designed is be used is housing, Colleges, Hostels, Industries, township etc., we use sealed maintenance free batteries and high quality components in our street lights. There is no head to wrong about regular maintenance and replacement.

Solar Street Light CFL:
  • We are manufacture and suppliers of solar CLF street lights. The street light is manufactured using high quality material and offered as per the specifications laid down by our cliants. CFL street lights which are equipped with sensors to switch it off and on dusk to dawn automation solar street lights.

Solar Home Lights LED:
  • We manufacture and suppliers of solar home lights suppliers quality materials that offer long life and high performance. The easy availability and affordable prices of our home lights have given us prominent place among the well known solar home lights.

Solar Home Lights CFL:
  • We are the manufacture and suppliers of solar home lighting systems solar home lighting system is specially designed & developed for us all mountable indoor lighting as to derive light energy from the sun is a day and to store is battery.

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